Why VBS Is Your Best Choice For Your Calgary Business IT Support

There are many reasons to choose VBS as your trusted Calgary business IT support company. Here are just a few of them:

  1. We’re an extension of your business – and you’re an extension of our family
    When you hire VBS, you will have your own dedicated IT staff, just like big business. You get a trusted and accountable partner that understand and cares about your business. Every staff member is trained in our philosophy of treating you like a member of our extended family. From strategic direction to simple repairs, you will have a single source for all your IT needs.
  2. Our process is designed to fit around your schedule and needs – not ours
    When a client first contacts us for help with their business IT system, a well-established process and sequence of events are set in motion. We always hold a no-charge initial meeting to ensure we can meet your needs. Then, with your approval, we complete an in-depth audit of your system and produce an itemized budget for approval. We always provide you with a schedule and do most of our work on the weekend – this means no hassles on Monday. And if your budget is extra tight, we can show you a more wallet-friendly plan, too.
  3. You always deal with a human being
    We believe that the human touch is the most important aspect of any business. When you contact VBS, a human voice is always on the other end of the phone. Every client receives a 20 to 30-page network documentation pack. We never withhold information from clients and give them freedom to choose another provider if one suits them better. We provide detailed invoicing and will even negotiate with ISPs and vendors on your behalf. And most importantly, we hold ourselves accountable for each and every job we do.

VBS is all about putting your business first.  Call us today and experience business IT support that is second to none.

Don’t believe us.  Here are what our clients say:

VBS has what it takes to help your Calgary business.  Contact us today to learn more about our Calgary business IT support programs.  Call 403-215-8070 or drop us an email: info@vitalbusinesssystems.com