VBS Keeps Your Calgary Business IT Secure.

Technology has transformed the way businesses in Calgary operate today.  You can now use technology to quickly and efficiently obtain and share information to boost your productivity and profitability.

However, in today’s world of cybercrime and threating viruses you must ensure your IT is protected 24/7.  Vital Business Systems can protect and secure your technology round and clock, no matter where and when you’re using it.  We provide IT Security Consulting with comprehensive assessments that ensure proper security controls are in place and integrated into your IT environment. 

We will protect your IT system from:

  • Natural or manmade disasters.
  • Unauthorized access.
  • Computer viruses and malware.
  • Email hacking and spamming.

Plus we will:   

  • Confirm your files are regularly backed up and recoverable.
  • Ensure onsite and offsite backups are stored securely.
  • Perform ongoing testing to ensure data can be restored.

We can implement innovative, up-to-date security measures to protect your business against today’s increasing cyber threats and from natural disasters.

For experienced 24/7 IT Security Consulting for your business in Calgary, call Vital Business Systems at 403-215-8070 or email us at: info@vitalbusinesssystems.com. And take advantage of our complimentary, no-obligation IT Security Assessment.