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Five Social Media Tips for Young Professionals

In the growing age of social media use, more and more young professionals are looking to gain virtual popularity in order to share their ideas and become successful. Social media can deliver a free exchange of ideas and interesting opportunities for users. However, building a respectable network in an increasingly busy social media crowd can […]

Still running an older version of Internet Explorer? Time to let go and look at upgrading before time runs out.

Microsoft Drops Support for Older Systems Running Internet Explorer – Find out if Your Business is Affected! It’s time to get rid of your old Microsoft PC. If newer technology hasn’t convinced you yet, this might. Microsoft has announced that they will drop support for older versions of Internet Explorer. Starting January 12th, 2016, Microsoft […]

Forgot Your Password? Regain Access of Your Windows 8 PC

Are you guilty of forgetting your computer login password? Get back on your Windows 8 by resetting your password! And don’t worry; you don’t have to perform a factory restore either. There are several ways to remove or reset a password, but password methods differ between Microsoft and local Windows accounts. So first and foremost, […]

Four iOS 7 Privacy Settings Everyone Should Know About

If you’re concerned with the privacy and safety of your sensitive data and information, you should step away from your iDevice for a moment to take note of the many security features that will ensure your privacy and safety. When a major update has been made to iOS, it’s important to maneuver your way around […]

4 Preparation Tips for Upgrading to iOS 8

With the new iOS 8 update only weeks away from release, it’s a good idea to get started on the needed preparations your iDevice needs to undergo before installing the loaded update. New features in iOS 8 include an interactive notifications bar that allows users to respond to alerts while inside an open app, the […]