Infrastructure Refresh Helps Chemical Reclamation Company Smooth Out Operations

Executive Summary

CCR Technologies Ltd. is a Calgary-based chemical reclamation company, which uses patented vacuum distillation reclaiming units to purify glycols and amines used in the oil refining, natural gas processing, petrochemical manufacturing, offshore gas processing, automotive antifreeze recycling, and aircraft de-icing. They provide services to several major corporations, including Shell and Husky Energy, using their fleet of mobile vacuum distillation processing units.


CCR Technologies was having difficulties with their cloud based server. They had been relying on remote service technicians to address any issues that arose, and this lack of local, onsite support was causing delays in addition to them experiencing slow and disruptive connections to their cloud technology. In addition, their technology infrastructure was in need of improvements upgrades to allow their staff to work more efficiently.

Our Strategy

Other business ventures of the owner of CCR Technologies have been clients of Vital Business Systems for several years, so it was recommended that CCR Technologies reach out to us to address their IT troubles.

Our solution was to carry out a complete infrastructure and hardware refresh. Our first priority was installing a hybrid cloud solution that would offer the access, flexibility, and security needed while eliminating the connectivity struggles they had been experiencing. We then took steps to overhaul their Data Recovery and Business Continuity Plan, using image-based backups through StorageCraft with replication, and a cloud-based backup for redundancy. Additional improvements included migrating their antivirus to Sophos, migrating their email exchange server to Microsoft Office 365, and rolling out a wireless network upgrade and a new virtual host.


These upgrades had led to less aggravation and a smoother workflow for the CCR Technologies team, and has increased their level of comfort where security is concerned. The biggest improvement has been having access to local support and the quick and responsive service that goes along with it. Alyssa Black from CCR Technologies Ltd. explains:

“We have a very good working relationship with Vital Business Systems, and I feel as though they value our service and have our best interests in mind. All the IT specialists are very knowledgeable and quick to assist us when needed. Even for very small items. Vital being local was able to get us on a server in our office that allows our remote users to login with quick and reliable services. Plus, we get quicker and more efficient help when we need it.”

With new technology in place and a partnership with a responsive IT company to support that technology, CCR Technologies Ltd. is able to keep their commitment to providing efficient, environmentally-conscious services to their many clients.

To learn more about the Managed IT Solutions Vital Business Systems provides to CCR Technologies Ltd. and others, visit our website, or contact us at (403) 215-8070 today.