IT Infrastructure Refresh Services In Calgary

Over a matter of years (and sometimes even more quickly), a business can quickly outgrow itself. Maybe it needs additional staff members or more office space, or to move to an entirely new location. Just as these aspects of the business need to grow to support it, so does the business’ IT infrastructure.

Are you planning to move your business to a new office? Or potentially add an additional business location? Then you may be in need of an IT infrastructure refresh – do you know why this process is necessary? Or what benefits it can offer businesses that are experiencing continual growth?

Moving a business from one location to another (or, alternatively, adding a second business location) can be a long and difficult process. You have to find the right space, make sure you have the staff to get it running, and manage the moving process – and all while you’re still running a business.

With so much to oversee, it can be easy to overlook a key aspect – for example, IT. However, IT is a very important part of moving a business. What’s more, moving can be a great opportunity not just to find a better space for your business, but to upgrade your technology with an IT infrastructure refresh.

Case in point – LendingArch Financial Inc.

Founded in 2015 and based out of Calgary, LendingArch Financial Inc. provides an online lending platform for personal and business needs in Canada. They offer personal loans in the areas of credit card payoffs, home improvement, major purchases, higher education, small business, big events, debt consolidation, new baby, and emergency costs.

LendingArch Financial Inc. also offers loans in the areas of healthcare, such as audiology, Lasik, orthodontics, veterinary, cosmetic, dental, chiropractic, and fertility; and retail, including home improvement, funeral assistance, electronics and devices, and retail stores.

Finding IT Services In Calgary

Often when a business owner or manager realizes they need to undergo a major IT project like an infrastructure refresh, they then need to go through the additional working of researching, vetting, and comparing potential IT companies in Calgary to assist. Fortunately for LendingArch Financial Inc., that wasn’t the case.

5 Years Of IT Support In Calgary

For the past half a decade, Vital Business Systems has been their IT services company in Calgary of choice, providing ongoing services and support. When it came time for their IT infrastructure refresh, LendingArch Financial Inc. trusted Vital Business Systems to do the job right.

As a part of the IT infrastructure refresh, Vital Business Systems addressed the following technical priorities for LendingArch Financial Inc.:

  • Facilitation Of Office Transition: One of the largest aspects of this IT infrastructure refresh was in managing two full-scale office moves. For Vital Business Systems, this meant performing a full site audit of the potential new office locations in order to guarantee they could support LendingArch Financial Inc. needs, as well as meeting and coordinating with planners and architects to fully integrate the IT infrastructure into the new locations from the very beginning.

  • Wireless Network Upgrade: As enterprise-class cloud and mobile capabilities continue to evolve, businesses like LendingArch Financial Inc. are presented with better and better opportunities to go wireless. As a part of their IT infrastructure refresh, LendingArch Financial Inc. prioritized an upgrade of their wireless network, providing their staff with more effective, convenient and secure access to their data on site.

  • Secure Remote Access: Just as onsite employees need secure and simple access to business data, so do those that work remotely – that’s what secure remote access is all about. Vital Business Systems deployed a number of Virtual Private Networks to give remote workers secure access to their work when they are out of the office.

  • Equipment Refresh: Vital Business Systems replaced, installed and configured LendingArch Financial Inc.’s servers, network devices, and security solutions. This newly developed network provides the digital resources needed to support LendingArch Financial Inc.’s multi-location business and growing client base.
  • Migration To Office 365: Vital Business Systems helped LendingArch Financial Inc. transition to Microsoft Office 365 for their work email, with support for multiple domains.
  • Global Developer Management: A part of LendingArch Financial Inc.’s business requires that they work with developers from around the world. When that work intersects with IT, Vital Business Systems is on hand to facilitate the process and make sure that LendingArch Financial Inc. technical needs are properly addressed by the developers in question.

Top 3 Benefits Of IT Services In Calgary

Whereas LendingArch Financial Inc. has gained a number of advantages thanks to reliable IT support from Vital Business Systems over the past 5 years, when it came to their recent IT infrastructure refresh, there are three in particular worth noting:

  1. Identifying And Eliminating Weakness: In the course of planning LendingArch Financial Inc.’s IT infrastructure refresh, the Vital Business Systems team helped them analyze and evaluate their IT needs and goals. In this process, they identified key weaknesses in their business technology and determined the right upgrades and replacements that were necessary to eliminate these weaknesses for good.
  2. Cost-Effective Solutions: When it came time to invest in new solutions, upgrades, and replacements, Vital Business Systems understood that LendingArch Financial Inc. was looking for the best bang for their buck – the fact is that the most expensive option isn’t always the right choice (or even necessarily the best choice). Throughout the refresh process, Vital Business Systems helped LendingArch Financial Inc. keep their costs as low as possible while still meeting their goals for the project.
  3. IT To Support Growth: A key aspect of the IT infrastructure refresh is that it’s not just about building an IT environment that supports the business as it is at that moment in time – it also has to support what the business will become. Each and every one of the upgrades Vital Business Systems made to LendingArch Financial Inc.’s IT will facilitate their further growth as a business down the line as well.

Choosing IT Services In Calgary

As explored in this study, there are a number of reasons why LendingArch Financial Inc. has worked with Vital Business Systems for the past five years and continues to do so today. The Vital Business Systems team is proud to offer unbeatable IT solutions combined with our extensive experience in the field to assist businesses like LendingArch Financial Inc. when their IT is in need of a refresh.

However, you shouldn’t take our word for it – consider what LendingArch Financial Inc. has to say:

“We have been using vital business for 5 years and would recommend these services to anyone in need,” says Farhad Nabian of LendingArch Financial Inc. “When I call Vital Business Systems, I know our concerns are going to be addressed and handled ASAP. More often than not it feels like Vital Business Systems are colleagues and are part of our company team.”

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