IT Infrastructure Refresh Services In Calgary

If a business grows in one way – say, by gaining new clients, or adding a new office location – then don’t you think the other aspects of the business should grow in line with it? As a business gets larger and more complex, it needs more employees, more space, and yes, newer, more capable IT. That’s what an IT infrastructure refresh is all about.

Are you tired of putting up with out of date technology? Are your work computers slow to respond? Has your staff gotten used to sitting around waiting for their desktops to turn on? Are you worried that your security software is out of date and putting you at risk? These are just a few of many common signs that it’s time for an IT infrastructure refresh.

No matter how new or expensive it is, your technology simply will not last forever. It’s a fact of IT. Just as how software needs to be updated with patches and fixes on a regular basis, hardware is only good for a certain amount of time as well.

That’s why periodic IT infrastructure refreshes and updating projects are a necessary part of doing business.

For example? Grant Metal Products Ltd.

Grant Metal Products Ltd. is a Calgary Area architectural metal manufacturing firm, offering custom products for construction and architectural firms, including flashing and cladding, signage, and fully unique, made to specification pieces. Each order is crafted onsite using state of the art equipment, and their staff brings more than 35 years of experience to each new project. Their ability to provide innovative solutions to construction and installation challenges has helped Grant Metal Products Ltd. to stand out.

Recently, it was decided that an infrastructure refresh, overhauling their technology and making select hardware and software upgrades in order to improve their technology situation, was in order.

Fortunately for Grant Metal Products Ltd., when it came time for their IT infrastructure refresh, they didn’t have to go looking for someone to help them with it. They were already a client of Vital Business Systems, who has been delivering responsive and effective IT services to them for some time.

As a part of the IT infrastructure refresh, Vital Business Systems addressed the following technical priorities for Grant Metal Products Ltd.:

  • Replaced Servers: Vital Business Systems set up Grant Metal Products Ltd. with new servers to replace their outdated ones, migrating them to Win SBS 2011
  • Updated Security Capabilities: Vital Business Systems transitioned Grant Metal Products Ltd. to Bitdefender and then Sophos for their Anti-Virus.
  • Migration To Office 365: Vital Business Systems helped Grant Metal Products Ltd. transition from Exchange 2010 to a superior Microsoft Office 365 configuration for their work email.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Vital Business Systems implemented a StorageCraft backup solution, providing image-based backup and replication capability to protect against data loss.  

3 Benefits of Grant Metal Products Ltd.’s IT Infrastructure Refresh

Despite the fact that there are many benefits to having their IT infrastructure refreshed, Grant Metal Products Ltd. notes these 3 in particular:

  1. Increased Security
    By updating their firewall and anti-virus solutions to those offered by industry-leader Sophos, as well as ensuring they’re implemented at each and every business location, Vital Business Systems has developed cybersecurity system that Grant Metal Products Ltd. can rely on to keep their data secure.
  2. Decreased Downtime
    With their newly implemented servers and network as a whole, Grant Metal Products Ltd. staff has experienced much less downtime than they had before the refresh process. This allows them to work more productively, respond to client requests more quickly, and increase their efficiency as a business overall.
  3. No Data Loss
    Thanks to the newly implemented Storage Craft backup solution, Grant Metal Products Ltd. is better protected against data loss, whether due to human error, hardware failure, or cybercrime.

Ongoing IT Support In Calgary

It should be noted that this IT infrastructure refresh is just the latest project in an ongoing delivery of key IT services – Vital Business Systems is proud to have been Grant Metal Products Ltd.’s IT services company in Calgary for some time now.

Before partnering with Vital Business Systems, Grant Metal Products Ltd. was struggling with their current Managed Services Provider. In their search for a new provider, Grant Metal Products found us.

“We were not satisfied with our previous MSP and when we were searching, we discovered Vital Business Systems,” says Elaine Reitmeier of Grant Metal Products Ltd.

The team from Vital Business Systems sat down with them to find out more about why they were looking to switch providers, and what they felt they were lacking when it came to their business technology. We were able to address these concerns and get Grant Metal Products back on track.

Since then, and on an ongoing basis, Vital Business Services has ensured that Grant Metal Products Ltd.’s security remained up to date and effective, provides monthly maintenance of their systems, and assists in developing plans for future IT updates and refreshes.

Looking For IT Services In Calgary?

The Vital Business Systems team is available to work with Calgary businesses like Grant Metal Products Ltd. and yours to bring software and hardware up to date to overcome common IT pain points. We’re proud to deliver high-quality IT services – but don’t take out work for it…

“Vital Business Systems is always ready to answer questions, and if an emergency arises, they will be on site the same day or next,” says Reitmeier. “Vital keeps us updated with current developments and risks. We run more efficiently and fewer interruptions from viruses and computer issues. We are able to stay running efficiently and keep our customers happy. We are very satisfied with all our dealings with everyone at Vital.”

With new technology in place and a partnership with a responsive IT partner happy to help them manage their technology needs both today and down the road, Grant Metal Products Ltd. is back to focusing on customer projects instead of their IT.

For more information about Vital Business Systems services and what they will do for you, get in touch at 403-215-8070 or

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