How long has your IT infrastructure been in need of a refresh?

How long has your IT infrastructure been in need of a refresh?

Could your IT be in need of an upgrade? What are the signs that you should keep an eye out for? Keep reading to learn more about The Telsec Group’s experience (and to see if your is similar, or will be soon).

The Telsec Group owns and manages over 1 million square feet of commercial real estate space. Using this space, they offer a range of business facilities types, including offices, showrooms, warehouses, and retail development, to local businesses that need a place to set up shop.

In managing these 45 buildings, The Telsec Group has to deliver both high-quality spaces and reasonable operating costs. In maintaining their properties, from the land itself to the buildings built upon it and all they entail, Telsec Group is committed to the highest standard of quality.

Why did The Telsec Group need an IT infrastructure refresh in the first place?

If you’re going to host numerous businesses in more than 45 buildings, you’ll likely need a robust IT environment to track of all your resources and the many businesses that make use of them. It’s unlikely, in this day and age, that a business looking to rent office space wouldn’t need access to a network, and other aspects of modern IT infrastructure. 

Furthermore, The Telsec Group’s IT for their own operations was in need of an update. Their IT systems, including those used for accounting, were based on an older software that needed to be brought up to date.

“Some of the systems run on older software, particularly accounting, with which Vital Business Systems has assisted us very competently,” says Rick Fuller, of The Telsec Group.

One of the key issues is that, despite the size of the properties they manage, The Telsec Group is a small company in terms of staff size. With only a small crew of employees, they can’t manage their IT on their own (and they shouldn’t have to). That’s why they require direct IT support.

“We are a small company in terms of employee size, and we require hands-on IT assistance,” says Rick.

Why did The Telsec Group choose to work with Vital Business Systems?

The Telsec Group understands what their strengths are in business, and that they should outsource to third-parties, such as their IT services.

By leaving the management of their IT to someone they can trust, The Telsec Group’s staff is free to focus on their work, providing competitively priced business properties to their many clients.

The Telsec Group has been working with Vital Business Systems for more than a year now. They had at one time tried out another Calgary IT services company, but found that the limited, remote-based support was insufficient for their needs.

While remote support worked in some cases, The Telsec Group much preferred a more direct, in-person approach to IT services, which is why they opted to work with Vital Business Systems.

How did Vital Business Systems refresh The Telsec Group’s IT infrastructure?

Before beginning any hands-on work, Vital Business Systems drafted a high-level plan that would oversee and incorporate each and every aspect of the IT infrastructure refresh. This plan took note of the many ways in which The Telsec Group needed IT on a daily basis, and made sure they were addressed in the refresh.

Furthermore, the plan accounted for where The Telsec Group would be years from now down the road, ensuring their IT infrastructure was built in a way that would support their growth over time and not leave them with any critical gaps. This meant choosing effective and scalable IT solutions for both the hardware and the software that the Telsec Group uses.

With that plan developed, Vital Business Systems began the process step by step, working through each separate project to ensure nothing was overlooked. IT infrastructure refreshes are intricate undertakings that must be approached carefully to avoid unforeseen issues and unnecessary downtime to the users.

As a part of the IT infrastructure refresh, Vital Business Systems addressed the following technical aspects of The Telsec Group’s business:

  • Equipment Refresh
    Vital Business Systems replaced, installed and configured The Telsec Group’s servers, network devices, and security solutions.
    This newly installed and configured hardware is more responsive and reliable than outdated counterparts, which provides a more robust foundation for the Telsec Group’s entire IT environment.
  • Enhanced Remote Support
    Vital Business Systems equipped The Telsec Group with a Secure Remote Access solution from Sophos, allowing them to better connect with and support their many properties.
  • Updated Security Solutions
    Vital Business Systems transitioned The Telsec Group to Bitdefender and then Sophos for Anti-Virus, as well as Sophos for their Firewall, enhancing their security and helping to offset the high cost of cyber-insurance.
  • Email Migration
    Vital Business Systems migrated The Telsec Group to Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook for their business email, providing a reliable email client that would be able to grow with their business.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    Vital Business Systems implemented a StorageCraft backup solution, providing image-based backup and replication capability to protect against data loss.
  • Upgraded Wireless Network
    By overhauling their wireless network, Vital Business Systems provided The Telsec Group with a faster and more dependable network, with lower downtime and fewer lags in speeds.

How has Vital Business System’s IT infrastructure refresh benefited The Telsec Group?

While there are many benefits to this IT overhaul process, there are three key aspects that Rick and The Telsec Group notes:

  1. Increased Security
    By updating their firewall and anti-virus solutions to those offered by an industry-leader like Sophos, Vital Business Systems has developed a cybersecurity system that The Telsec Group can rely on to keep their data secure.
  2. Reduced Insurance Costs
    Rick notes in particular that the upgraded Anti-Virus solution by Sophos has been very helpful in reducing their otherwise very costly insurance for cybersecurity events.
  3. Direct and Effective IT Support
    At its most basic, but no less important, Vital Business Systems simply provides the level of support that The Telsec Group expects. That means working in-person and hands-on to fix problems in a timely and effective fashion.

“No business today can operate without strong IT support. Vital Business Systems gives us this support,” says Rick. “We are very pleased with their day to day service.”

Should you partner with Vital Business Systems to refresh your IT infrastructure?

Maybe – that depends on if you need an IT infrastructure refresh, and if you believe that Vital Business Systems is the best choice for you.

But don’t take our word for it – Rick reports that he would recommend our services without question. And as it says on The Telsec Group’s website:

“We always demand high-quality workmanship.”

If Vital Business Systems didn’t meet The Telsec Group’s high standard of quality, then they wouldn’t work with us, simple as that.

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