“When Our Our Office Was Flooded We Didn’t Miss a Beat, Thanks To VBS!”

QV Investors Inc. is an independent investment management firm based in Calgary.  Their team of 17 employees manages $9.2 billion of assets for insurance companies, mutual fund companies, foundations, endowments and high net-worth clients.  They rely on their technology to manage and monitor their clients’ portfolios on a daily basis, helping contribute to long-term portfolio performance.

VBS first partnered with QV back in 2007.  With their continued growth, QV realized they required a true IT partner and consultant, one who would be proactive, with a robust knowledge base.  Thankfully a friend of the firm referred QV to Vital Business Solutions (VBS).

In addition to helping QV upgrade their entire IT infrastructure, VBS helped develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (BDR) that would assure QV could continue functioning in the event of a disruption such as a power outage or other emergency that would render QV’s servers inaccessible.  VBS set up QV’s servers to replicate to a Data Centre, employing StorageCraft disk-to-disk backup software.  They also set up Dell servers with a high-speed Internet connection between the Data Centre and QV’s site.  Then they ensured everything was connected and up and running in case QV ever needed to rely on their new BDR solution.

Little did anyone know that this would happen so soon!

The new BDR solution and VBS would save QV Investors when disaster struck!

During the Alberta floods in June 2013, Calgary was under water and so was QV.  They had to evacuate their office because their high-rise building was flooded with water up to the first floor.  The electricity was cut off so linking to their servers on the 10th floor from a remote location wasn’t going to work.  Thankfully VBS had set up QV’s offsite data Centre.  VBS helped put their BDR plan in place with hands-on, round-the-clock support.

Vanessa Rohl, QV Investors’ Client Service Manager reported exactly what happened.  Here is her complete story:

“We relocated what technology equipment we could to our designated off-site location on higher ground.  VBS was there 24/7 to help us physically and virtually set up our emergency IT operations.  They acted as our critical team, even providing extra computers from their office when we needed more.

Once the set up was complete and VBS ensured connectivity, we were able to remotely access our IT from the Data Centre VBS had set up for us earlier.  Our business was up and running again!

However, there were times when VBS wasn’t satisfied with the efficiency we were receiving.  They volunteered to trek back to our flooded office building in the dark, going up and down ten flights of stairs with a dolly to retrieve our server and computers and bring them back to our emergency location!  We couldn’t believe how wonderful they were!

VBS worked throughout the weekend to ensure we had full functionality on Monday morning so we could begin executing critical functions, which included trading and monitoring of portfolios, ensuring our clients’ investing requirements were being met, all the while upholding the integrity of their investments.

The following week when we were able to move back into our office, VBS was there again to set up and ensure we had full connectivity.  Today they provide all our managed IT services along with 24 x 7 alert monitoring so we’re covered for anything now.

“Throughout this ordeal, they put their families and personal lives on hold for us.  We are so grateful to them all.  With support from VBS we didn’t miss a beat!”

“VBS went above and beyond the call of duty.”

A few months after the disaster VBS sat down with the team from QV Investors to review the event and develop “lessons learned” that could be put into QV’s company disaster plan.  This involved purchasing extra equipment to have on hand in a “hot area” if they are ever evacuated again.  Additionally the staff will be further trained so everyone understands the disaster plan and what part they play.

Vanessa went on to say that if VBS hadn’t been there 24/7 to help, she’s not sure how they would have survived the disaster.  Even little disruptions could have affected their business.

“Today VBS is part of the QV family.  We know they will always be professional, proactive, extremely reliable, and intuitive regarding our needs, even when we don’t know them ourselves.  We don’t have to worry whether something will be dealt with.  It will be.  We’re extremely happy with their services.  We think of them as an extension of QV now.  We would be hard pressed to find a company that can mimic what they’ve done for us.  And I must add, along with all these great qualities, they are thoughtful, kind, and gracious people to partner with.  This is a core philosophy at QV Investors, and so important to us as well.”

If you need a reliable, proactive, professional IT Team that will go above and beyond for you, call Vital Business Solutions at 403-215-8070 or email us at: info@vitalbusinesssystems.com