VBS Brings Increased Value To A Wealth Management Company.

Canadian Family Futures, Inc. an a education-based financial services company in Calgary, helps families with a high net worth manage and transition their financial assets.  For over ten years, their staff of ten employees has supported and provided objective investment advice and over sight, tax accounting, estate planning and management of a family’s financial affairs.  Unlike others, they provide objective education and advice, and don’t sell financial products.

Ongoing IT Problems Weren’t Being Addressed or Resolved.

They were unhappy with their old IT support company.  The provider was slow to respond to requests, and projects took too long to rollout and complete.  A number of daily, ongoing problems were frustrating their end users, and new projects weren’t being handled due to slow response times.  The company’s expectations and needs simply weren’t being met.

Vital Business Systems Resolved All These Issues and More.

Nicky Scott, the Manager of Family Dynamics and Education for Canadian Family Futures, is the point of contact for all their IT needs.  When looking for a new IT provider, thankfully someone she knew and trusted referred her to Vital Business Systems (VBS).  After meeting with Tony and Eli, and discussing their goals and operations, she believed VBS would align well with their company and she signed on for their services.

She explained:  “Tony and Eli performed an initial audit of our IT situation.  They provided us great feedback and recommendations.  Plus, we had a specific list of criteria for an IT provider, and they met all of our requirements.  I also liked the fact that VBS is a family-owned business.”

VBS got to work and discovered communication problems between two of their three virtual servers.  They solved the problem by removing one of the virtual servers and consolidating them into only two servers.  This eliminated the communication problem and provided a more powerful solution.

Nicky was pleased because VBS was able to provide them a cost-conscious, value-based solution by using existing hardware because it was still fairly new and working.  Their system was comprised of a Dell host server with a Linux operating system, and a Windows operating system on the virtual servers.  VBS worked with Dell, Microsoft, and VMware to streamline their server operations and performance.

Nicky remarked:

“I’m extremely pleased with VBS.  They made an assessment, put a plan in place, executed it, and it’s running very smoothly.  They were able to consolidate servers and provide us more power than we had before.  VBS’s response time is quick, and even faster than what they promised which was to address our concerns within two hours,—but instead they respond immediately!  Plus the feedback I get from our staff is great.  They provide us both onsite and remote support and when they work with staff members they explain everything in plain language.  This helps our staff do their jobs, and helps me make decisions about future IT needs as we forge ahead with new goals.”

VBS Goes “Above and Beyond.”

The team at VBS continues to provide managed services for Canadian Family Futures with 24/7 alert monitoring for hardware and software needs, along with remote access support so they can upload and retrieve files to their server.

They provide after-hours service and maintenance when repairs are required.  This ensures the staff stays up and running.  According to Nicky, VBS goes above and beyond what other IT providers offer:

“When a staff member working remotely from home needed onsite support, VBS offered to help, even though it meant them driving over an hour to and from the location.  I decided to travel there myself to help.  When working on her computer, I called VBS and they guided me through the process and helped me resolve the issue.  Just knowing they would have made the trip themselves provides immense value for us.  We know we can count on VBS when and wherever we need them.”

When asked if she would recommend VBS to others Nicky replied:  “I would definitely recommend Vital to other small-to medium-sized businesses with no hesitation.  They excel at service and have a great breadth of expertise.  They’re honest and let us know what they can and can’t do.  Plus, they’re always concerned about providing a good “fit” for us when it comes to service.  They make sure the professionals they send are always the right ones for the particular task at hand.”

If you need an IT Consultant in Calgary who offers value, expertise and quality service call Vital Business Systems at 403-215-8070 or email us at: info@vitalbusinesssystems.com