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Why Choose Vital Business Systems?


Trusted Information Technology Partner.


VBS enables you to have the assets of a larger business within an in-house IT department and budget.


Caring IT partner entrusted with your IT System.


Having the depth and breadth of a team of experienced IT Support specialists to support you.


Quick and responsive to your needs.


Outsources hardware and software that you may need.

  • We routinely meet business owners that have lost trust in either their IT systems and/or their IT provider, if this is you, then you need to experience what VBS offers.  At VBS we believe that IT support is about being the trusted adviser for our clients so much more than just fixing their technology hardware.

  • We provide a professional team of industry experts that bring you all the knowledge and experience that is required for designing, implementing, maintaining, supporting, and adapting technology to meet your needs.

  • We provide periodic status reports so you can track the overall condition of your network.

  • And let us not forget about providing you with a complete set of documentation of all aspects of your network.


We provide detailed and transparent invoicing so that you know what services were provided to you.


Information Technology Cost Control


Predictable budget and no surprise bills.


Productivity gains from server and network uptime.


Productivity gains from employees well-tuned and maintained systems.


Cost savings from not having to pay for full-time or temp internal IT employee (salaries and fees such as WCB, IE, CPP, and vacation pay).

  • VBS Managed Services agreements are based on a per-device/per-month flat fee and includes all the services required to support and maintain your IT System.

  • There are no hidden fees or surprise invoices; anything not included within the managed services agreement is quoted on and approved before the work begins.

  • Quarterly, we meet with our clients to forecast potential future spending and plan the life cycle of all equipment.  This includes hardware refresh, changes, and upgrades.

  • Our remote monitoring tools work 24/7 and our team works extended hours to minimize downtime for users.


Although you will be assigned a primary tech, all of our team members have access to your detailed documentation so that they can support you if a technician is sick or on vacation, the substitute tech will not be training on your dime.


Focus on Your Business


Peace of Mind knowing that your IT System is stable, secure, and reliable.


Knowing that all of your data, hardware, software and network are taken care of by VBS.


By outsourcing your IT you have more time, money and resources to spend on your business core.


Competitive advantage gains due to modern IT System.

  • Every network needs proper planning, monitoring, maintenance, and reporting to ensure it operates as designed.  Most small businesses don’t have the resources and cannot afford a full time or even a part time person to manage those duties.  VBS frees your employees from taking on this challenge and focus on what they do best.  VBS’s Managed Services agreements provide an entire team of personnel to you for a fraction of the cost of an employee.

  • We spend many hours each month on properly maintaining, securing, and optimizing your network infrastructure to minimize down time and ensure the end users are working efficiently.


Our ticketing system tracks EVERY request from our clients so that no problems fall through the cracks.  We pride ourselves in acknowledging the receipt of your service requests and allocating to a tech to start resolving the issue as soon as possible.  We are there when you need us the most!

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