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Security primer

There exist entities with bad intentions towards your data. It could be for ransom, business intelligence, internal or external sabotage, notoriety, or to simply put-you-out-of-business reasons. Today's cyber threat landscape shows that threats have evolved since the early days of computing. VBS partners with world class vendors to bring you a host of products and services designed to meet and beat today's challenges. 

What is a typical product and services mix to reduce the threats?

A typical deployment of a mix includes 7 elements:

- Endpoint protection for malware and ransomware that utilizes advanced Anti-Virus with AI and machine learning capabilities

- Perimeter defense (firewalls) that also utilizes AI and machine learning

- Multi factor authentication methods to ensure only authorized users are allowed on the network

- Managed Threat and Response services where someone is on watch at all times and are doing ACTIVE threat hunting in your environment

- Testing the resilience of your environment including testing human error with phishing campaigns, etc.

- User education on cybersecurity threats. VBS can book a lunch time boardroom demonstration on cybersecurity. This helps users identify bad  or spoofed emails, fraud attempts, etc.

- Anti-Fraud measures such labeling external emails as external so your staff can quickly and reliably determine the authenticity of requests - especially financial ones


If all 7 elements above are accounted for, then you have a secure design

VBS role with your IT security:

VBS can advise, architect, and execute your business vision into a robust and secure environment for your operations.

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