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Why cloud solutions?

Cloud solutions offer hosting of various services and apps for you. Cloud solutions offer great security of your systems as well as hedging local disasters.

Cloud Security:

Cloud security is second to none as all world class cloud systems reside in hardened data centers where robust firewalls and detection systems can thwart hackers and malware much better than what a small business budget can do. Small Business budgets tend to be constrained and can fall short in 2 areas: a) typically deploy a small budget perimeter defenses such as firewalls and b) tend to be under resourced in IT departments. Data centers deploy enterprise level perimeter defenses and provide 24/7 on-the-job security professionals at the ready to deal with an active hacker or active attack scenarios.

Hedging local disasters:

Calgary floods come to mind when you think about hedging local disasters. We remember how many Calgary downtown businesses were impacted and not able to operate or get personnel into their office buildings. The cloud moves your operation critical assets to hardened data centers that come with geographical diversity and multi rack redundancies for power and connections.

VBS role with your cloud transition:

VBS can advise, architect, and execute your business vision into a robust and always-available-to-workers operations. Some situations require a hybrid of Cloud and Local systems while others can be fully moved to Cloud. Either solution should always come with 2 factor authentication so only your authorized staff and only approved devices are allowed.

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