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IT Services

What is the best IT service model for you? Can VBS work as needed On-Demand style? Should you outsource outright to VBS?

While VBS can offer On-Demand Services, our premium offering is Managed Services. On-Demand has limitations as to prioritization in our systems. Managed Services customers enjoy an elevated and prioritized attention. It ensures we are on the job and monitoring the health of your IT environment and delivering that to you as a priority-Managed-Services customer. Whether it's hardware or software or security matters, VBS can be on watch and advise you with severity and criticality information that help you make informed decisions and help you thwart an unwanted outage.


Can VBS augment and back up my existing IT staff?

VBS can also augment any shortcomings in your current IT department.

Can VBS customize a support package for my unique situation?

YES. VBS can customize a fit-for-purpose support package to suit most situations.

We don't have an IT department, why ​fully outsource to VBS? Why not hire an IT resource? 

This is an expensive venture for Small and Medium size businesses. For less than what you would pay an in-house technical employee, we can offer one of the above choices to give you your own dedicated team of technical consultants, your own personalized helpdesk, regular meetings with your own IT services manager, 24x7 monitoring, unlimited technical support and more. Your IT employee will take vacations, call out sick or worse quit! VBS will be there for you, constantly working to bring your business to higher levels of productivity. Also there's a bench depth at VBS. If your primary tech is on vacation or absent, other techs can delve right in and assist you in a timely manner.

Our Team:

Our staff is professional and very reliable. Our staff turnover is extremely low. For example, we have a technician celebrating their 14th year anniversary with us this year. Skill wise, our staff is senior when compared to industry averages. In other words, we only hire experienced and well trained technicians. We don’t train on your time!

Our Business Systems work for you:

We use a ticketing/invoicing system that is very transparent. We are often complemented on the clarity and transparency of our work/invoicing. We also believe in documenting your systems. Offered as a standard service, we
collate a documentation binder that stays onsite (your site) with all your pertinent network information in it. We believe the client owns the information and should have it on hand at all times. This documentation system eliminates the need to ‘learn on the job’ if there ever was a technician re-assignment

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